It takes time.


I know, I know. I know that I have been out of the blogosphere for 34536345345 light years. (Exaggeration intended). Well, anyway, I am here. And, I’m back. 😛  Actually, I’m here to post about my latest realization, and that is about SELF-HELP.

Remember the old saying “You are your own medicine”? Well yes, it is true! True to the core! It took me a great while to notice that if I change my perspective about a certain person or situation, I might make a big difference in my life too. Why? Because lately, life has been very very tough to me. As if I have no reason or right to live peacefully. I’ve been stressed, depressed, lost, alone, vulnerable, all of it enveloped in my heart, and it has been there for months already. I really want all of those negative emotions to get out of my body. I want to free my self from agony, to put it simply. You know what I did? I started not to hang out with the “negative people” in my life. Not that I closed my doors to them, it’s just I stopped being with them all them time. And, man, it feels great! From there, too much positive vibes went in to my system. So, I think I was able to lessen the stress that I feel by one degree. Haha.


On to my second step. The next step that I did was to stop thinking negative thoughts. Whenever a certain challenge comes my way, be it big or small, I always keep in my mind that I am the strongest person alive. I think you should try that too, you’ll love it! That’s why I started to have this “I-got-this-shit” type of personality. To be honest, I was an alpha-female. Yes, I WAS an alpha. I tried to tame my “alpha-ness” before because I was being scooted as an arrogant person, which, obviously, is so not me! But now, I think I need to bring back my alpha attitude. So, I guess that is the real me. An alpha-female. But now, I am more refined than before. I should call my self an “alpha-lady”. Haha. Once an alpha, always an alpha. 🙂


And now, I am in the process of my third step, which is to respect my body. Your mind tells you what you want, your heart tells you what you need, and your conscience tells you what to do. So, yes, I respect whatever my body tells me what to do. I cannot actually tell you if I am successful on this step, but rest assured, I am 80% through this. I hope I can make it!


My mantra for this month: What my mind can perceive, my body can achieve.


So how about you? How can you free yourself from agony?



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My favorite day.


Oh yes. I celebrated my birthday yesterday. 🙂 I am a June baby, and I’ve been alive for 22 years already. 🙂 And please, let us treat this blog entry as my birthday post.

Some of you may ask whether or not I am a better person now than what I was a year ago. The answer is affirmative. Last year, I experienced and overcame one of my biggest fears, and that is failure. My heart was crushed in pieces, but I managed to put all the pieces back again and actually make a stronger one. I am more independent, more reliable, more ambitious, more fierce, and more persistent. Sure, there were times that I want to back down, I even planned my life on a different path. But my desire to go on and continue whatever I’m doing makes me stay on this path. Whew! The pressure of being in the career of my choice! Haha.

So, am I actually a “changed person” now? Well, not really. I just changed some, if not all of my negative qualities that I can possibly see. I decided to retain the positive qualities that I have (if ever I have one). Haha! 🙂

What do I yearn for this new year? For me, new year connotes new chances. Hence, an opportunity to change or be changed. I’ll drop all the drama, stay away from negativity, stay away from people who don’t want me (not that I’m not likeable. Haha), and I will strive to live my life with positivity. 🙂

My message to my 21-year-old-self: Job well done! You’ve been crushed, wrecked, stepped on for numerous times but your still living your life with a smile on your face. Hey, you are strong! I am proud of you. 🙂

To all June babies out there, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

Oh, if you have questions, you can ask me here:


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Counting the days.



Oh dear. In less than 30 days, a new Academic Year will open again. That means I should go back and bury myself again to the enormous pile of books and readings that my professors will assign to us. I really, really, REALLY want to enjoy the last few weeks of my summer vacation, so, I guess I’ll just hibernate in my room for the remaining days. Read some novels, watch some movies, eat some chocolates, drink some tea, and RELAX. Oh I know I’ll miss being bored. I know I’ll miss summer. I know I’ll miss vacation. I know I’ll be stressed again just like last school year. I am up to the roller coaster ride again, so, Academic Year 2013-2014, BRING IT ON!


On the lighter and happier side, I’ll be turning 22 next month. So, you see? Every time my birthday comes, I don’t know if I should be really happy because I know few days that after my birthday, school will start again. Haha. I don’t hate going to school, so please don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate learning and being educated, I just hate the degree or amount of stress that I’ll be experiencing again for the next 10 months. Haha.




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Book Review: Every Girl’s Book by George Frank Butler.


In my attempt to make my summer vacation less boring as what it is right now, I downloaded an e-book whose title definitely caught my attention. At first, I thought that George Frank Butler’s novel entitled Every Girl’s Book talks about romance and/or heartbreaks, little did I know that the agenda of this book is to subtly explain the “birds and the bees” to little girls.

The story revolves around a conversation between Elsie and her mother. The topic in of their conversation when Elsie asked her mother about the cross-pollination of flowers, and how important is the role of a bee in such cross-pollination. Then, one topic lead to another, Elsie’s mother finally discussed and contrasted the procreation of human beings and procreation of animals/insects. It is obvious that the book aims to explains procreation, not only of the flowers, but the human beings as well. What amazes me more is that this book was published way back Year 1912, it means that the explanation of procreation to little girls and boys was not easy during that time, and up to this generation, the same problem is being dealt with until our present generation. The only difference is that kids nowadays are more curious and adventurous than the past generations.

What I love most about this book is that I can use it to explain “the birds and the bees” to my future children without thinking whether or not the terms or words that I am using is too much for them to understand. From this book, the hassle of teaching reality to children and adolescents is one degree lower.


  • Plot: 8 out of 10 (The plot is actually simple, I repeat, the aim of this book is to explain procreation to children, so don’t expect cheesy lines or hefty drama from this book)


  • Level of Entertainment: 9 out of 10 (A good novel, indeed!)


  • Level of Censorship: General Patronage


  • Will I recommend this book to other people?: YES!


  • To whom do I recommend this book?: To the parents and parents-to-be who does not have any clue how to answer the questions of their little kids about the birds and the bees.


So how about you? What was the last book you’ve read? Did you love it? 🙂




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Monthly Overview: March 2013

So, I’ve been trying to make a blog post that will make sense. You know, something deep and inspirational, something that might make a person’s life change, or at least enlightened. But then, I failed. Haha.


Since my life lately is a little less exciting than what is should be, I don’t have enough stories to tell you. Maybe I’ll just tell you a story about my usual struggle at school, or that awesome movie that I just saw, or a book that I just finished. Yeah, that’s my life lately. Boring, eh? Haha.


Now that the month of March is about to end, here’s a little something that kept me busy for the whole month.


March 1-16

I did my usual studying, of course. This is my first year in grad school, and know that it just ended, I feel a little, you know, mighty. I feel like I am bullet proof. I have been listening to the song entitled Titanium by David Guetta and Sia, and it has been on repeat lately. I’ve been in an emotional rollercoaster since June, which is the start of the school year, and now that it is ending, I feel free. I don’t hate school or anything that comes with it, I just love ranting out the stress that I felt for the last 10 months.


March 18 – 23

FINALS WEEK. Or, I personally call it as Hell Week and/or “Make-or-break” Week. It is the time that we need to study every single topic again just to pass the final exams. Some our exams are easy, but most of our exams are not. Final examinations made me go off the internet and shut down my social life for like 14 days. No sleep, no good rest, all stress, all study. I just hope I’ll pass all of my subjects. I don’t my heart to be broken again. Haha.


March 24 – 30

BACKLOGS WEEK. I have to finish a lot of things (backlogs), to be submitted on the first Monday of April. Good thing our professor gave us ample time to finish our backlogs, yehey! Now, I’m currently finishing a requirement that is meant to be submitted a week from now. Once I am finished with this, I am free as a bird. Haha.


To-do list for the month of April.

  1. Clean/Rearrange my room – I saved a lot of clutter, so I guess I have lot of cleaning to do for this month.
  2. Find an online job. – I REALLY NEED AN ONLINE JOB. Any suggestions? I need to renew my domains again, and I am running out of Paypal funds. Plus, I have all the time in the world, so now, I can focus on my work.
  3. Host more giveaways –Right now, I am hosting a giveaway on my other blog, (I hope you’ll find time to join it), and I am planning to run more giveaways. You know, a little gift-giving to my fellow netizens.
  4. EXERCISE. –  Truth be told: I gained 10 pounds in less than a year. I hope I can shed it off in 2 months’ time. But how? Haha. I guess I’ll just exercise.
  5. Read more books – This is for the long term effect of being “literally” ready for school. Since I will be doing a lot of readings for the next school year, why not start practicing now? I’ve been yearning to read novels again. You know, something that not as stressful to read, unlike my usual readings from school. Haha.
  6. Movies! – I need to watch movies again. I’ve been deprived for the past few months, so I guess I need to watch at least one movie a day. Haha. Any suggestions? I like comedy and chick-flicks. 😛
  7. Catch up with my friends. – I really need to do a lot of catching up. I miss some of my offline friends whom I don’t see regularly. So, I guess a day out with them should be part of my to-do list.

There you go! I think this is too much for one month, but what the heck. Haha.

How about you? What are you up to this April?


By the way, I am currently hosting a giveaway on my other blog, so you might want to join! 🙂 Details here:

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