Plug in. Plug out.

School’s out. Perfect weather. Tons of (non-academic) books to read. THIS IS THE LIFE! I don’t have to “budget” my time or to worry about finishing an assignment or memorizing/reading something.

I finally confirmed that I’m officially a GRADUATING STUDENT! 🙂 And, I’m currently enjoying the perks of it such as early vacation, extra time to relax, extra time to pamper myself, and to surf the internet almost all day. I can’t really “relax” and/or pamper myself during the school days, and now is the perfect time for me to do that! 🙂


Anyhow, due to my internet-wandering, I got a chance to make a an account in and, so if you happen to have an account on those sites, please add/follow my account. (Oh, I ALWAYS follow back. As in, ALWAYS!). 🙂

So here they are:

1. Jen @

2. Jen @

There you go! 🙂


Oh, does any of you want some of these, by any chance?

(Sorry for the not-so-good photos, I just took it with the built-in camera on my phone. :P)

Here are the photos of SOME of the prizes. (Yes people, that’s not yet “everything”) 😛 And yes, those are some make-up, earrings, bracelets. 😛

Anyhow, I remembered months ago that I was about to host a giveaway, but I don’t have a budget for it. Now, since I’m deeply ecstatic, I’m sharing some of my blessings.

You see, I was shopping for my graduation clothes, then, I suddenly thought of the giveaway that I was about to give last year. So there, I shopped a little for the prizes. 😛 Just tell me if you like some of it, then, I’ll continue the mini giveaway. Since this is my first time to host a giveaway, I’ll keep it downsized. Maybe a major giveaway will follow after this. I’ll try to work on it. 🙂


So there, to giveaway or not to giveaway? 😛



Don’t be surprised if you don’t see @ohhitsjen on twitter anymore. I changed my username for security purposes. You can follow me @jen_speaks. I made it a little secured. But you don’t have to worry, I ALWAYS ACCEPT FOLLOW REQUEST, and I ALWAYS FOLLOW BACK. 🙂 (I just need to make that account a little more secure) 🙂

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  1. Yes, sis you’re right. I finally made it through that process!! :”) Anyway, today is the official last day of our class. Oh how time goes by so so so fast! Congratulations sissy!!!!!!! :”)

  2. Ahh I feel so bad I feel like an uber stalker and I am! I’m glad you’ve got nice weather! I’m just on my way on a biketrail too~ Congrats on graduating~~~


  3. Oh lucky you! I’ll be starting school again next week, definitely not looking forward to that -__- But congrats on graduating!
    Some of those earrings look really cute, but I can’t tell what type of makeup you have in the pictures :/

    btw, followed you on Twitter!

  4. Congrats! All the studying pays off 🙂 ha ha! You’re so lucky to have free time. Sigh… I go to classes every Saturday and will only graduate in October.

    Ooooh, a giveaway? That’s so cool! Can’t wait to see the rest of the stuff you get for the giveaway.

    Will follow you on twitter!

    Have a lovely weekend :)`

  5. wow I love your prizes. really nice giveaway. 😀 Congrats on becoming a graduate student! All your har dowrk will now be paid off. 🙂 enjoy the rest of your free time dear!

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