And it starts…. again!

Today, November 5, 2012, is the end of my “not-so-enjoyed” semestral break and the start of the 2nd term for this school year. With all honesty, I want to extend our vacation for a few more days, maybe 3 or 4 more days will do. Haha. Anyway, I have to get back on my usual routine. Therefore, I have to study ALL the time. Yes people, ALL THE TIME. My life now revolves on my academics. Some people might think that I’m turning to be a boring person, but, trust me, I’m not. (I think) 😛 I’m just trying to finish perfectly all of my priorities (in life). I’ve never wanted something this bad, so I think every pain will be worth it. 🙂



Since a lot of things in life is so unstable and unsure, I guess one thing that I can possibly hold on to is my drive to do my passion. I want to wake up one morning, surprised that my passion is actually my job. It may be tiring or emotionally draining, but I’m quite sure I’ll never give up on it. 🙂 I promise to myself that I’ll be better for this semester. I’ll be better. 🙂 All I can possibly do is hope for the best! 🙂


I guess that is the bad side of growing up. You have to pressure yourself to be good enough to please yourself. The world does not need pushovers or weak dimwits. The worlds need strong, independent, smart (or street smart) people. The pressure kills me sometimes, but I think I’m starting to enjoy it. Crazy, right? 🙂 SO, SECOND SEMESTER, LET’S GET IT ON! 🙂




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