If I have one wish.

The picture says it all! 🙂 Haha! Since I go to school 6 times a week, (yes people, Sunday is my ONLY rest day) I can’t help but to wish (and hope) that I’ll have a day off from the things that I normally do. Picture this, you’ll have a one whole stress-free day to pamper yourself, then, after dinner, you can just sit/lie in your bed with your laptop/iPad or a good novel on your right hand and a cup of coffee or tea on your left hand. Isn’t that awesome?! Oh dear, I can’t wait for that day to come! Haha!


I’ve been living a very stressful life lately, and the new Degree that I’m pursuing is more demanding that my previous Bachelor’s Degree. I am quite certain that this is what I really want, so, I have to bear all the pain and do all the sacrifices for it. Bottomline: I NEED TO GET MY SH*T TOGETHER TO EARN THIS MOTHERF*CKING DEGREE. Haha. 🙂


Anyhow, for all those who don’t know, the domain registrar .co.cc is now closed and my Tumblr Blog is now on IAMJEN.TK, I’ll be using .tk for my Tumblr blog, since it is more reliable than any other domain registrar.


Also, I bought a reseller hosting!! 🙂 If you need a host, or you know someone who needs a host for their blog(s), I can host you/them! 🙂 Once I’m finished setting up my reseller account, you can apply for free or paid domain and/or subdomain hosting! 🙂 WAIT FOR IT! 🙂




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