Keeping my sanity.

I’m surprised by the fact that I only have four subjects for this semester, but I feel stressed because of it. I’m not 100% stressed or burned-out, it’s just there’s too much on my plate. Conflicting schedules, shitty professors, “on-the-spot deadlines”, exams, entrance exams, and all other frills of being a student. I even have no time to update this blog, and as a result, my PR dropped. 🙁 used to have PR 2, but now it’s down to PR 1. GAAH! So I guess I have to put extra effort for my blogs.


Oh, in case you have extra time, you might want to “Like” this site’s Facebook Page. Yes! Finally! This site has its own Facebook Page! 😛 I made it few moths ago and I’m trying to update it from time to time. So, here is the link for the Facebook Page:

So Fabulous @ Facebook

So Fabulous @ Facebook

So Fabulous @ Facebook

So Fabulous @ Facebook

So Fabulous @ Facebook

So Fabulous @ Facebook


So, what do you do to keep your sanity during those times that you’re stressed?

And oh, do you have a facebook page too? You can promote it here if you want! Just post the link when you leave a comment to this post! 🙂

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  1. I understand where you’re coming from sis. I’m i my Spring term at college, and I’m already taking 5 classes! That means, I’m a full time college student. I go to school everyday, and I’m also have to go to work as well! It’s crazy!!

    I’m pretty much stressed right now, and if I do get stressed, I just stop whatever I’m doing and take a few hours of breathing, so I can relax my muscles, myself. And of course, drink tea. Tea always calms me. 🙂 Goodluck with everything sis!

    Abd btw, I have teo fb pages for my blog:
    MissDramaQueen and PhyllzHime. I can’t link u right now because I’m just using my phone.

  2. Hi, Jen. Liked your fb page already…

    Goodluck with your blog (your page rank is still good. i never knew abt page rankings, really. sorry hehe) and Goodluck with your studies ♥


  3. It is really heart breaking when pagerank dropped, I know the feeling cause mine also dropped to pr1. Anyway, just focus on your studies, blog’s can wait naman. Good luck. 🙂

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