Life Jitters.

Yes. My blog went through an “unexpected revamp”

Yes. All of my old blog posts are gone.

Yes. All of my links are gone. 🙁

Yes. My “old blog” is now a new blog. 🙁

Yes. I don’t have a back-up of my files.

Shiz. Everything is all gone. Little did I know that everything will be gone in an instant. 🙁 I’m not really sure what happened. I checked my cpanel to trace the problem, and when I went through my installations in Softaculous, it says there that I don’t have ANY INSTALLATIONS. Shiz. (BTW, Softaculous is a program where all of the possible blog tools can be found and downloaded, to be used for your blog). I’m not really sure how that happened. 🙁 Oh well, Just say hello to the new settings and layout of my site now. 🙁


So now let’s go to my academic life. It’s still the same old boring life. 😛 Haha! I have to read, memorize, do some shit that my professors told us to do. I just hope everything will be worth our collective pains and sacrifices! 🙂


So to ease up those “life jitters” that I call, I went out for a little haul. Just to de-stress. To whoever invented shopping, I owe my sane life to you! 😛 Here are the pictures!


(Yeah. I’m blind without my specs or my contacts!) 😛

Actually, I was planning to buy a shirt or a blouse and a book. But then I saw the pair of shoes (that one in the picture), and it costs the price worth of a shirt and a book. So I was kinda torn for a while as to what to choose between shirt and a book, or the shoes. And I guess you already know what I chose! 😛 and I regret nothing! 😛 That’s why I ended up buying only few items. 😛

So how do you deal with stress? What do you do to “de-stress”?

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