Don’t blame me.

This post is not about my lovelife. Because, I don’t have one! Haha!

Anyway, since I’m on Christmas vacation, I’m using my time to sleep and bum around our house. Part of “bumming around the house” is spending time in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I can’t resist not to look at my high school and/or elementary/grade school batchmates’ profiles. Man, they’re all accomplished, well, most of them. 🙂 Some of them are living and working outside the country. Some of them have their own family  already. Some of them are planning to buy a house. Some of them parties the night away every after payday. Oh dear. While I’m here, stuck in grad school, stressed, overwhelmed, rummaging through my backlogs, still dependent to my parents. Haha. I don’t hate my decision of being in grad school. This is what I want. But who could blame me for feeling this way? Envious, perhaps? I guess not. Maybe I’m just yearning for a life full of bliss, since I’ve been living a stressful life. Haha. I can’t help but to wish that I am on their shoes. I’m the one who’ll be working outside the country, I’ll be the one who’ll be planning and saving up for a new house, I’ll be the one who’ll be partying the night away after payday. Even the idea of having a payday excites me! Haha. They’re all young professionals, while I’m still a student (in grad school). They’re all helping their folks, while I’m still a dependent. I can’t help but to compare my situation to their current life. But hey, who could blame me? 🙂

My time will come, I know that for sure. I’m just yearning for material satisfaction. Since I don’t have the resources to enjoy my youth, maybe I can enjoy it some other time. It may not be now, but my time will come. I know it will come. I’ll wait. I’ll wait patiently. While waiting, it’s time for me to get that motha-focking degree. Haha.


For the meantime, all I have to do is to “Keep Calm and Graduate…..”

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Christmas Wishlist.

Since I’ve been reading a lot of posts about Christmas, I decided to “jump-in” to the Bandwagon. Now, I’m posting my Christmas Wishlist.

This wishlist is in random order. Here it goes! 🙂

1. Good Health


Yes. That’s my number one wish. I want to be emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually healthy. I’ve been experiencing stress from too much workload, depression because of my failures and shortcomings, not-so-normal food intake because of my crazy schedule. Life has been a roller coaster ride for me, so I just want to be healthy. That’s the only thing that I can do to keep me sane in the midst of my insane life. 🙂

Oh, I want to lose weight too! So, yeah. 😛


2. Balanced Lifestyle

Health Work Career Friends Signpost Showing Life And Lifestyle B

“All work, and no play, will make Jen a mundane.” Haha. True to the very core! 🙂 I must admit that my lifestyle is not balanced. I’m more focused on my career right now. (Yes. No time for lovelife. Well, no lovelife at all!) Haha. 🙂 I have my friends and family to keep me happy, though. 🙂 If ever I’ll reach my emotional vantage point, I’ll let you know. Haha. 🙂


3. Good grades

If you’re in school, all you want is grades that are presentable enough for your future employers. THAT’S WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW! (and for the rest of my life) I know that I have to work for it. I know that I have to strive harder to get it. Yes people,  I DO THAT ALL THE TIME. Oh well, I think I just have to work a little harder. 🙂


4. Travel

I wish I could travel somewhere, anywhere. Maybe a beach, or a tourist destination, or Paris. 😛 Whether by air, by sea, or by land, I’m up for the adventure! I want to travel! 🙂


5. iPad mini

I want iPad mini. 🙂 Haha. For the reason that it is very handy. 🙂 Oh, I want an iPad, not because for the heck of it. I want an iPad because I need one. I’m in Grad School and I need to do a lot of readings, that’s why an iPad (or maybe any tablet) is a quasi-necessity. 🙂


6. New phone

I don’t know what phone should I use. Any suggestions? 🙂 Anyway, I think my old phone (BB Torch 9800) is slowly giving up on me. I’ve been using it for more than a year, and now, my phone is starting to act up. Jeez. I hate it when it happens. I’m an internet-savvy person who relies more in social networking rather than the Television. Haha. Do you have any suggestions as to what phone should I use? Oh, I’m full-time student and a part-time blogger too, those are facts that needs to be considered. 🙂


There you go!! 🙂

How about you? What is in your Christmas wishlist? 🙂


BTW, I have a domain giveaway on my other site! You can read the details here:






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Alone Time.


I’m in the mood for some quiet time now. I’m not sure why do I have to blog it, but I think I need to share this small information about me. 😛


Now that I’m super stressed and pressured, I decided not to go through my usual routine, and head on to the nearest coffee shop that I can possibly see. The place is not cozy, actually, but I think I’m enjoying my alone time. Haha. I’m not here to cut class or to avoid a terror professor in school, I’m just here because I need to. So, here I am, reading cases, jotting down notes, memorizing some shiznits that I need for my recitation next week. I’m tired of cramming, so I guess I have to read now. Haha.


I’m not really sure if this is healthy, but lately, I want some time alone. I’m not a loner, nor an anti-social. Maybe there is some kind of a good feeling every time I’m alone and doing my tasks. Jeez. Is this even healthy? Haha. Any medical practitioners out there? Heed my calling, please?! Haha.


So, I think I need to get back on my lessons! Bye for now. 🙂



Oh, BTW, do you enjoy having “alone time” too? 🙂





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If I have one wish.

The picture says it all! 🙂 Haha! Since I go to school 6 times a week, (yes people, Sunday is my ONLY rest day) I can’t help but to wish (and hope) that I’ll have a day off from the things that I normally do. Picture this, you’ll have a one whole stress-free day to pamper yourself, then, after dinner, you can just sit/lie in your bed with your laptop/iPad or a good novel on your right hand and a cup of coffee or tea on your left hand. Isn’t that awesome?! Oh dear, I can’t wait for that day to come! Haha!


I’ve been living a very stressful life lately, and the new Degree that I’m pursuing is more demanding that my previous Bachelor’s Degree. I am quite certain that this is what I really want, so, I have to bear all the pain and do all the sacrifices for it. Bottomline: I NEED TO GET MY SH*T TOGETHER TO EARN THIS MOTHERF*CKING DEGREE. Haha. 🙂


Anyhow, for all those who don’t know, the domain registrar is now closed and my Tumblr Blog is now on IAMJEN.TK, I’ll be using .tk for my Tumblr blog, since it is more reliable than any other domain registrar.


Also, I bought a reseller hosting!! 🙂 If you need a host, or you know someone who needs a host for their blog(s), I can host you/them! 🙂 Once I’m finished setting up my reseller account, you can apply for free or paid domain and/or subdomain hosting! 🙂 WAIT FOR IT! 🙂




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And it starts…. again!

Today, November 5, 2012, is the end of my “not-so-enjoyed” semestral break and the start of the 2nd term for this school year. With all honesty, I want to extend our vacation for a few more days, maybe 3 or 4 more days will do. Haha. Anyway, I have to get back on my usual routine. Therefore, I have to study ALL the time. Yes people, ALL THE TIME. My life now revolves on my academics. Some people might think that I’m turning to be a boring person, but, trust me, I’m not. (I think) 😛 I’m just trying to finish perfectly all of my priorities (in life). I’ve never wanted something this bad, so I think every pain will be worth it. 🙂



Since a lot of things in life is so unstable and unsure, I guess one thing that I can possibly hold on to is my drive to do my passion. I want to wake up one morning, surprised that my passion is actually my job. It may be tiring or emotionally draining, but I’m quite sure I’ll never give up on it. 🙂 I promise to myself that I’ll be better for this semester. I’ll be better. 🙂 All I can possibly do is hope for the best! 🙂


I guess that is the bad side of growing up. You have to pressure yourself to be good enough to please yourself. The world does not need pushovers or weak dimwits. The worlds need strong, independent, smart (or street smart) people. The pressure kills me sometimes, but I think I’m starting to enjoy it. Crazy, right? 🙂 SO, SECOND SEMESTER, LET’S GET IT ON! 🙂




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