Alone Time.


I’m in the mood for some quiet time now. I’m not sure why do I have to blog it, but I think I need to share this small information about me. 😛


Now that I’m super stressed and pressured, I decided not to go through my usual routine, and head on to the nearest coffee shop that I can possibly see. The place is not cozy, actually, but I think I’m enjoying my alone time. Haha. I’m not here to cut class or to avoid a terror professor in school, I’m just here because I need to. So, here I am, reading cases, jotting down notes, memorizing some shiznits that I need for my recitation next week. I’m tired of cramming, so I guess I have to read now. Haha.


I’m not really sure if this is healthy, but lately, I want some time alone. I’m not a loner, nor an anti-social. Maybe there is some kind of a good feeling every time I’m alone and doing my tasks. Jeez. Is this even healthy? Haha. Any medical practitioners out there? Heed my calling, please?! Haha.


So, I think I need to get back on my lessons! Bye for now. 🙂



Oh, BTW, do you enjoy having “alone time” too? 🙂





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