Don’t blame me.

This post is not about my lovelife. Because, I don’t have one! Haha!

Anyway, since I’m on Christmas vacation, I’m using my time to sleep and bum around our house. Part of “bumming around the house” is spending time in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I can’t resist not to look at my high school and/or elementary/grade school batchmates’ profiles. Man, they’re all accomplished, well, most of them. 🙂 Some of them are living and working outside the country. Some of them have their own family  already. Some of them are planning to buy a house. Some of them parties the night away every after payday. Oh dear. While I’m here, stuck in grad school, stressed, overwhelmed, rummaging through my backlogs, still dependent to my parents. Haha. I don’t hate my decision of being in grad school. This is what I want. But who could blame me for feeling this way? Envious, perhaps? I guess not. Maybe I’m just yearning for a life full of bliss, since I’ve been living a stressful life. Haha. I can’t help but to wish that I am on their shoes. I’m the one who’ll be working outside the country, I’ll be the one who’ll be planning and saving up for a new house, I’ll be the one who’ll be partying the night away after payday. Even the idea of having a payday excites me! Haha. They’re all young professionals, while I’m still a student (in grad school). They’re all helping their folks, while I’m still a dependent. I can’t help but to compare my situation to their current life. But hey, who could blame me? 🙂

My time will come, I know that for sure. I’m just yearning for material satisfaction. Since I don’t have the resources to enjoy my youth, maybe I can enjoy it some other time. It may not be now, but my time will come. I know it will come. I’ll wait. I’ll wait patiently. While waiting, it’s time for me to get that motha-focking degree. Haha.


For the meantime, all I have to do is to “Keep Calm and Graduate…..”

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  1. Belated Merry Christmas to you!

    Your time of working, getting married, etc. will definitely come. You don’t have to hurry it up. Why don’t you just enjoy what you have now? Enjoy the perks of being a student. You can work part time if you want to experience work and if you can squeeze it in your schedule. Hey, I wanted to get my MA degree or even PhD degree, only if I have the time and money! Hahaha! Sadly, I can’t squeeze it in. 🙂

  2. I like to bum around especially during holiday season. It’s guilt free because you know your employers would understand if you’re on vacation for two weeks. 🙂

    Gee, I feel the same way. Most of my batch mate are either getting engaged, married or pregnant already. I kinda feel left out but I don’t have plans of tying the knot yet.

    Yeah, you don’t have to follow on their footsteps. You have your own plan and as long as you’re happy then go for it!

  3. Your time will definitely come, in due time. It’s hard though to watch other people move on with their seemingly wonderful lives, but I just always tell myself that everyone has their own problems. And while they may seem to be successful now, they won’t be able to brag about a master’s degree like you can. 🙂

    It’s definitely understandable. I can’t wait to get out of college and just “get started” with my life, and I only just finished my first semester of undergrad… bah, patience, haha.

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