Life Jitters.

Yes. My blog went through an “unexpected revamp”

Yes. All of my old blog posts are gone.

Yes. All of my links are gone. 🙁

Yes. My “old blog” is now a new blog. 🙁

Yes. I don’t have a back-up of my files.

Shiz. Everything is all gone. Little did I know that everything will be gone in an instant. 🙁 I’m not really sure what happened. I checked my cpanel to trace the problem, and when I went through my installations in Softaculous, it says there that I don’t have ANY INSTALLATIONS. Shiz. (BTW, Softaculous is a program where all of the possible blog tools can be found and downloaded, to be used for your blog). I’m not really sure how that happened. 🙁 Oh well, Just say hello to the new settings and layout of my site now. 🙁


So now let’s go to my academic life. It’s still the same old boring life. 😛 Haha! I have to read, memorize, do some shit that my professors told us to do. I just hope everything will be worth our collective pains and sacrifices! 🙂


So to ease up those “life jitters” that I call, I went out for a little haul. Just to de-stress. To whoever invented shopping, I owe my sane life to you! 😛 Here are the pictures!


(Yeah. I’m blind without my specs or my contacts!) 😛

Actually, I was planning to buy a shirt or a blouse and a book. But then I saw the pair of shoes (that one in the picture), and it costs the price worth of a shirt and a book. So I was kinda torn for a while as to what to choose between shirt and a book, or the shoes. And I guess you already know what I chose! 😛 and I regret nothing! 😛 That’s why I ended up buying only few items. 😛

So how do you deal with stress? What do you do to “de-stress”?

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  1. aww sayang naman ung old blog mo, ung mga archives mo! sayang!!!! that’s so sad!:(

    kakahinayang lang ung mga previous blog eh, sarap basahin sana….

    pero bawi ka n lang!!! 🙂

  2. I feel you! My new revamped site was actually back to scratch again! 😐 Oh wordpress life. Anyways, all I do to eradicate that stress is to eat and eat. Satisfy my cravings and all :))

  3. oh nooooo…. that is so depressing :(:(:( I’m so sorry! But at least you did not let it get you down <3 but sometimes it is good to start from scratch – I did that when I moved over to WP!

    Those are such pretty shoes! 🙂

  4. Oh no, sorry to hear that you lost your whole blog 🙁 I think I might have a nervous breakdown if that ever happened to me. It might take several shopping sprees and maxed out credit cards to calm my nerves then. Or maybe lots, lots, LOTS of ice cream.

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