Consummatum Est.


“It is finished”.

Finally! All of my school works/requirements are done! And yes, I am free as a bird. Instead of bumming around (which I normally do whenever I’m on vacation), I decided to read novels again. Gosh, I miss leisure reading! There are 6 books all lined up for me to read. I might do a book review again! Yay!

Plus, I’ll be back on blogging again. I hope I’ll get enough creative juices again. I aim to be a better blogger, well, I hope I can. 😛

Oh, my attention is now on Polyvore! If in case you’re wondering what Polyvore is, it is a website that you can make or create your own style. It is more of like mixing and matching some pieces if garments. At first, it was no less than a hobby for me, but now, I think I am addicted. Haha. The only thing that hinders me is the slow internet connection at we have right now. But then, if time permits, I go to polyvore and make my own sets. 🙂 Catch me at Polyvore: Jen @ Polyvore

So yeah, aside from running errands and being an official family driver, all I do now is to spend my time in the internet. Crazy it may seems, but I guess I feel more accomplished after I make a blog post. Haha. Crazy blogger, eh?

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