It takes time.


I know, I know. I know that I have been out of the blogosphere for 34536345345 light years. (Exaggeration intended). Well, anyway, I am here. And, I’m back. 😛  Actually, I’m here to post about my latest realization, and that is about SELF-HELP.

Remember the old saying “You are your own medicine”? Well yes, it is true! True to the core! It took me a great while to notice that if I change my perspective about a certain person or situation, I might make a big difference in my life too. Why? Because lately, life has been very very tough to me. As if I have no reason or right to live peacefully. I’ve been stressed, depressed, lost, alone, vulnerable, all of it enveloped in my heart, and it has been there for months already. I really want all of those negative emotions to get out of my body. I want to free my self from agony, to put it simply. You know what I did? I started not to hang out with the “negative people” in my life. Not that I closed my doors to them, it’s just I stopped being with them all them time. And, man, it feels great! From there, too much positive vibes went in to my system. So, I think I was able to lessen the stress that I feel by one degree. Haha.


On to my second step. The next step that I did was to stop thinking negative thoughts. Whenever a certain challenge comes my way, be it big or small, I always keep in my mind that I am the strongest person alive. I think you should try that too, you’ll love it! That’s why I started to have this “I-got-this-shit” type of personality. To be honest, I was an alpha-female. Yes, I WAS an alpha. I tried to tame my “alpha-ness” before because I was being scooted as an arrogant person, which, obviously, is so not me! But now, I think I need to bring back my alpha attitude. So, I guess that is the real me. An alpha-female. But now, I am more refined than before. I should call my self an “alpha-lady”. Haha. Once an alpha, always an alpha. 🙂


And now, I am in the process of my third step, which is to respect my body. Your mind tells you what you want, your heart tells you what you need, and your conscience tells you what to do. So, yes, I respect whatever my body tells me what to do. I cannot actually tell you if I am successful on this step, but rest assured, I am 80% through this. I hope I can make it!


My mantra for this month: What my mind can perceive, my body can achieve.


So how about you? How can you free yourself from agony?



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