Test of Patience

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Have you ever been frustrated due to a person’s incompetence? Have you reached that point when you want to tell him/her that he/she needs to step up even just a little because his/her incompetence affects you already?

But before I proceed, I hope you will not misconstrue this blog post as avenue for me to stir up my arrogance or incapability-shaming. So, here’s my story.


Lately, I faced one of the biggest test of patience that I could possibly have, and that is dealing with incompetent people. Incompetent people, as per my experience, are those persons who fail to reach a certain set of standards that is expected for them to reach. Their failure to reach the expected set of standards may e done (by them) either accidentally or deliberately. On one hand, I like helping other people and I love inspiring other people to work harder and to do better. I want other people to progress with me. On the other hand, I don’t like helping other people who DO NOT WANT to help themselves and I do not like doing things for other people who use and abuse my kindness towards them.


Up to this very moment, I hate the fact that I have to be stuck with incompetent people, it drains every single piece of strength that I have in my body to be around them. I really like to help them and I would love to see them smile whenever they accomplish something great, but then how can I help them if they don’t even want to help themselves? How can I give them the sweet feeling of euphoria on each and every big task that they accomplish? How can I help them to be better? Oh, the agony.


A very good friend of mine told me that I should probably back off and let those incompetent people suffer the consequences of their actions (and omissions, which are pretty much really). But then as much as I would like to stay away from them, they keep coming back to me asking for my help. And you know what? Surprisingly, I don’t get the “joy of giving” whenever I help them. It is as if I am obligated and mandated by a very strict dictator to help those incompetent people. They ask so much favor from me, some of it are actually physically (and financially) impossible for me to fulfill. And, they stress me out! Oh gosh! There was this one time when this girl wants to borrow a huge amount of money from me just because she left her purse in their house! I mean, c’mon! I am not a walking-talking bank! Haha. From that point, I told myself that it is too much, and I’ve had enough.


This time, I will stop helping people who do not even want to help themselves. Their incompetence and irresponsibility is way above my threshold. I will help them if they really NEED my help. Nope, not again. Not anymore. I owe it to myself.


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