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When things are falling apart and you think you need to move on, there is no sense in thinking twice. There are those who have a hard time moving forward from what broke them and there are those who takes so many years before they can bounce back and put themselves out there again. Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong in asking for help from the people who are very close to you. Also, it is never too late to have or build a support system to help you cope up when you are hurt. If one relationship just ended, it is never too late to begin another one, regardless of your age and/or status. As long as you already gave your self an ample time to heal and you are prepared to love or to meet new people again, then you can start dating again. Maybe you can arrange a night out with your closest friends, or maybe you can prepare a family dinner to help you get by or go through all the sadness that the whole moving on process entails.

Solitude can be a positive thing to some of us. Some people enjoy their precious alone time to focus on the things that they love to do (like their hobbies) or to devote that time to accomplish things that they are obligated to do (like their chores). But then, solitude can also have some effects that may work against one’s favor. If a person is not used to being alone, the feeling of abandonment and sadness might creep in eventually, and it may take too much emotional energy from such person. Hence, we must learn to enjoy solitude by way of making our own version of “alone time”. We can use our alone time in finding a date thru Tinder or free senior dating websites (depending on your age bracket, of course, assuming that you are looking for local cougars in my area or in your area), or maybe just try to find a person to hang out with. I personally recommend to look for a person to hang out with, and then observe if you both have a connection of some sort, then, you can probably decide after few months if you both want to continue dating each other, or maybe just hang out and remain friends. Either way, it will still work in your benefit.

Oh, do not forget to use your alone time as your moment to heal yourself. Most, if not, all of us are damaged or scarred because a certain relationship needs to end, albeit inadvertently. There is this long time rule that we should not dive in a new relationship without moving on from the previous relationship. Thus, take your time in healing yourself first. It does not matter how many months or years it will take, as long as you know to your self that you are happy and you can fully commit to a relationship. You’ll be surprised one day, you find your heart is brave enough to love again, or at least date again.

I personally think that anyone can still date even if they are in their 40’s or 50’s already, especially if you took the time to heal your self from your past relationship. It’s never too late to love again, and it is never to late to “test the waters” again. Haha. If a man or a woman in his/her 20’s or 30’s can openly date anyone, same effect goes to the middle aged people. All of us are equally allowed to meet new people and try to start or establish a connection between one another. Not only that it is in our (human) nature to to start and maintain a social connection to other people, it also serves as a very good avenue to expand our network that we might benefit from in the long run. Thus, even if the connection that was established did not blossom into a romantic one, at least one or two persons are added into a person’s network. The possibilities are endless! It is never too late to date again, especially if it is for the right reasons and it if is done in perfect timing. One must not be hindered to meet and date over people just because he or she thinks he/she is too old to go back to the dating scene. It will not matter if you do not let it, and it should not affect you unless you allow your self to be affected.



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