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Hey there! I have been out of the blogosphere for quite a while because I have been busy with all my responsibilities. Haha. I just entered this so-called “adulting” stage in life. I just started working in my first job, and I have been a diligent employee. Haha. I must admit that I get stressed and pressured, but I still surviving, so I think I do not need to worry about anything. Haha. My co-workers have been very nice to me and they were courteous enough to guide me in everything that I need to learn about the job. Although there are few bad eggs in our department, it is a good place to work with (hopefully!).


Since I just started working in my first job, I am planning to buy some decorations or ornaments for my room after receiving my first paycheck. I am planning to throw out all of my clutter and put for indoor plants inside my room. I think I need to start investing on things that will help me feel more relaxed while I am relaxing at home. Also, I intend to buy some lantern roofs because I have never seen our house having that kind of ornament. Maybe it will add some beauty in it.


Also, I am about to finish my first semester, on my last academic year, in school. Maybe I really need to make some home arrangements and a little bit of improvement in our house. I am set to graduate by 2019, and I need to study for 5 months for a certain licensure exam, so I think I need to make my study corner and study area clutter-free and with a very strategic ventilation and lighting. I hope I can finish every thing by the end of the year. Haha.


To date, I am currently looking for some good replacements for my old furniture and tables. Also, I am looking for some cheap new decorations that will add an extra “oomph” in my room. This process is so tedious and confusing at the same time. I hope I can find more time to do some window shopping for some home decorations. I will definitely post a picture here on my blog (or maybe on twitter and on instagram) about my home improvement plans and home decoration.

Oh! I almost forgot that the holidays are almost near! Maybe I need to re-decorate our house into something Christmas-y or maybe a home decor theme related to the holidays and for the New Year’s. Haha. I love decorating for the holidays, because I get to do it with my family. (Oh, and do not forget the Christmas dinner, Christmas gifts, the kris kringle, and the Christmas carols! All in one fun-filled day!).


So how about you? When was the last time you re-decorated your room or your house? Was it something that you have always wanted to do? Have you ever tried using lantern roofs before? Do you like it? Come on, share your home decorating tips to us and might just be a big help to me anf to my readers! Thank you!

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