First week of October 2018

I have been tired from work and school these past few days, and it seems like one week just slips through. I have been down and drowsy lately, as if I want to have a “pause button” for my life. Haha. I want a day to rest and just sleep the whole day. I cannot explain how tired I am today, so words might fail me, please bear with me. Haha. This time, mea culpa

So, I kept on hearing things about having (or at least forcing myself) to have a lovelife. I kept telling other people that time will come and I will have my significant other. I hope one day I can blog about him here, but he does not exist. Haha. Maybe I will go through dating sites or may Tinder to help me put myself out there. Or, maybe, I can go to senior dating sites to find a match. Haha. Aside from senior dating, maybe I can sign up for glasgow dating or fife dating, just to be sure. Haha. KIDDING!. I will just sit and wait for my turn to fall in love again. 2018 might not be the year for me to fall in love, but it the year for me to grow. Hence, I will grow and be matured about everything.

Speaking of being matured, I am currently burning the midnight oil to study because my daily schedule is messed up by my job. Maybe I mentioned this before, but I will say it again, I already have a job (that feels like a scam, to be honest, because I get paid that much, but I work very very hard. haha. kidding). I have been confused about my work lately because it turns out the people in my department does not know how to train newly-hired employees. Thus, I need to figure out things on my own. I need to go through every tedious process so that I can learn the system of the nature of my work. Do not get me wring though, I feel like I am “part of the family” in my work, but I do not feel any sincerity in every employee’s work. But not all sad stories have pure bad side. The good side here is I met so much people that inspired me to work hard and work smart, and to never give in to the pressure. I am so happy that there are those who are willing to help me go through my work, and I am so blessed that they do their job assidiously, without second guessing. I wish I could hug them every time they help me, but I cannot do that, because it is very tiring and I am not that close with those employees. haha.


So how about you? How was your week? Is there anything new about you?

Are you loving your current job? Why or why not? Come on! Share it away! (if it is okay with you, of course.)




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