So I’m almost done with school, but my work is currently giving me the stress that I never asked for but I think I deserve (yes, I’m a working student, if in case you don’t know). I’m currently studying for an exam which, as I declare, would be the last exam that I will going to take as a student. E next exam that I will take for be my licensure exams. (This is just me making my own declaration about my fate, thinking that I can control everything in my life. Haha). To be honest, I’ve had an emotional turmoil this time last year because I was not able to get something that I wanted at that time. It took me several months to let go of the fact that I cannot have my desired results for everything that I worked for and maybe I should just settle for whatever I have at that time. But God has His owns ways of showing me that I am strong and resilient. I took chances on my strengths and worked on my weaknesses. I never knew that I will be a working student, but God led me here in this path. I cannot deny that I grew and mature quickly within a span of one year. Not everyone has the chance to learn what I learned these past few years, and I am grateful that I learned a lot from this experience.

I was on the brink of desperation, but good thing I have friends and family to pull me out of sadness. I learned that sadnes is definitely part of life, and there are several ways to handle it. The best advice that I could give to distract yourself. Find people who will help you love yourself. Find people whom you can establish new connections and friendship, if you think it’s best for you to sign up for an adult dating sites or nostringsdating net, then go for it. No one should hinder your hapiness, except yourself. Go and have fun.

As I close one chapter in my life and open another one, I want to let all of you know that I was a mess last year. I tried to take control on every aspect of my life, but it turns out, I do not have to do that since God is there to guide me. (I’m sorry for my non-believer readers if ever I sound too religious for you. I’m trying my best to be more inclusive as possible, but I guess I just need to let my heart speak as I make this blog post)

Moving forward, I am currently sitting in my study area and reading every page that I need to read. I’m cramming again for school. Haha. Are we surprised? Definitely not. Haha. After my hustle today, I can breathe in a more relaxed manner because I know that I am done with something that I should finished long ago. I will partake on something else harder and more challenging, and there is no time to waste.

Bye for now, I’ll be back soon!

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